From prototype to product - Valter Minute

16/12 15:00 horário de exibição

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From prototype to product

What are the issues that may prevent your great prototype from becoming a finished product? Prototypes that don’t work in the real world are the IoT equivalent of “it works on my PC” software back in the day. How can you deal with production, find the right hardware solution, think in advance about potential issues, to build something that works out in the field and not just on your desk? Are you ready to deal with the physical world out there? Why so many projects that looked great on kickstarter failed to deliver something that my grandmother could buy and use? Is moving from one piece to one million pieces just a matter of "copy and paste"? What are the challenges faced by devices running on the production floor? Or from those being deployed to thousands or millions of people in the consumer market? The speaker has been involved in many successfully delivered projects and in some failures, and learning from other people’s mistakes is the best way to avoid repeating them.

Valter Minute

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Valter works at Toradex AG in Horw, Switzerland, developing BSPs and drivers. He has been developing embedded software since 1999 and he has been connecting devices to the internet (including a washing machine) years before someone invented "IoT" and launched it as the marketing buzzword of the century. He likes to work and play with lots of different technologies, including open source ones and to integrate hardware and software in devices that interact with the real world. He is a maker and tries to be a professional at the same time, playing with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and building industrial devices. He wrote a book about the Raspberry Pi to help people discovering the wonders of software running on things.